Vendor & Contract Relations

Adara Communities makes an effort to keep our Vendor Pricing Competitive and by doing so we welcome the opportunity for new vendors year-round. All Vendor Approvals & Negotiating is handled at our corporate office but routed through our community managers and district managers. You may contact our onsite teams and or DMs to express your wish to service any Adara Community however you should not provide services unless you are an approved vendor. Only Adara Corporate can issue such approval. Below is our standard Vendor Service Agreement (VSA) for your review. By providing services to an Adara Community, you are agreeing to all the noted provisions. We encourage you to monitor this site closely for revisions and our contact the Contracts Department to discuss changes. It is your responsibility to ensure your Vendor Contact Information, Pricing, Insurance and Tax information is updated on an annual basis to retain your approved vendor status.

Prospective Vendors

Locators & Brokers

Not all communities are approved to work with locators/brokers and we only work with approved locators/brokers. If you wish to send prospects to an Adara Community, please contact the respective community prior to doing so to ensure we can honor your partnership request. We will not under any circumstance pay for unsolicited prospects.